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Natarajan (India)

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Comments by Natarajan (5)
Article: தேவை: சமமான பகிர்தல்
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Dec 2013) Posted On: Dec 07, 2013
mother in law also has to adjust with the younger generation and get herself satisfied with their happiness Natarajan--chennai

Article: சமுதாயக் கூடு உடையும்....
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Nov 2013) Posted On: Nov 08, 2013
what an excellent advice. If every parents act like your advice, they will not loose their loved ones on the basis of religion,caste and culture Natarajan-Chennai

Article: ஒன்பது ஒற்றுமைகளைக் கண்டுபிடியுங்கள்
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Aug 2013) Posted On: Aug 13, 2013
i am also in the same position as mentioned in this arcile but only with lesser number of differences and after leading 33 years of married life. but i am already following your valuable advice as it will reduce our salute to your valuable advice to affected parties.if your magazine is fortnightly,that will be good. natarajan--chennai

Article: "நான் ஆண், நான் சொன்னால் நடக்கவேண்டும்"
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Jul 2013) Posted On: Jul 09, 2013
what yeoman service you are giving to indians living abroad. It is very easy to give advice to affected party to get divorse and lead seperate life. But by giving advices like the one given in this article is excellent thereby saving our indian culture.long live doctor.i am reading your article every month without fail

Article: பாதை வேறு, போகும் வேகம் வேறு
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Feb 2013) Posted On: Feb 02, 2013
Very good advice and real fact. I like this article very much if you give two articles like this in each issue will be good

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