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For subjects of Tamil lineage, residing in the US, matrimonial classified listings are FREE, as a service to the community, at this time. For all others - $25 for 20 words; $0.25 for every additional word.
Make checks in favor of 'Thendral' Sent classified text by email to with subject - Matrimony Classifieds Send email for guidance & details. No phonecalls, please.
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Wanted - Brides
Seeking Hindu bride, preferably born in USA, for only son, Berichettiars, 1984, 5'9", MBA, Sales Operations Analyst @ S/w Co in So. Cal, Cast no bar;
Seeking Non-Srivatsa Iyengar Bride for Uttirattadhi 4-padam, MS, doing PhD boy, born Oct 1984, 6';
Seeking US based South Indian Brahmin bride for California based Iyer, Vadama boy, Vadhoola Gothram, Makam, 36yrs, MS(US);
Seeking Vaniya Chettiar girl for 33 yrs old boy, 5'11, Uthirattadhi, MS(US); in NYC,, +1.703.732.5345
Seeking suitable bride - Working / Studying in US - for Pillai / Mudaliar Boy, 27Yrs, 5'10", MS, Working in San Jose, CA;, +919840093150
Seeking Tamil Iyer girl for well settled boy working in NYC, 37 yrs, Uditya gothram, Krithiga nakshathram, Rishabham,;;+13024155932,+917338711046
Seeking bride for B.E/M.S, SW Engr, US Citizen, never married, Tamil boy, 29Yrs, 5'7", based in MA, Caste No Bar;, 508.315.9994
Seeking Brahmin girl preferably in USA but being flexible for relocation to India in the future, for Iyer Boy, ‘79 born, 5'11", PhD, Divorcee - unconsummated marriage, never stayed together, working in east coast. 617.435.2110,
Looking for a tamil brahmin girl for my son aged 33 yrs, 5'11, Iyengar, Koushika Gothram, Business Analyst in CA; Expecting divorce shortly, No issues;
Seeking girl for handsome Thirunelveli Saiva Pillai boy 25Yrs, Working Boston. Masters US, Caste no bar; 91.98843.94941;
40, divorcee, looks 30, one male child, BE/MS, Employed in PA, Senior position, living in hindu culture, 6', seeks bride - divorcee or widow, hindu, educated, from respectable family;
Seeks good looking, vegetarian girl for smart, fair, Tamil, vegetarian, Saiva Pillai Boy, 85 born, 173cms, H1B & GC under process, +91.99407.70015 /
Seeking Tamil Iyengar bride in USA for 27 year old, Vadakalai, Vadhula Gothram, M.S. Engg, 5'11", working in a reputed Multinational company in USA;
Seeking USA-based Brahmin girl for Iyer, 41, 5' 6", CA, Engg. Director, well-settled, Indian values, American citizen, divorcee, healthy, fair, spiritual, religious;
Chinese boy seeking Tamil Hindu bride. 34 years old, 5'10", Makam birth star, divorced, with 5-year-old son, green card holder, S/w professional in Seattle, admire Tamil Hindu culture and traditions, can relocate to India;
Tamil Iyer, Srivatsa, 34 yrs, 5'10'', PhD, Employed in California. Seeking Tamil Brahmin girls, working in US;
Seeking vegetarian girl for 1975 born youngish looking tamil Iyer boy with clean habits, divorced with 2 kids (10 & 5yrs), 5'9", B.Tech, M.S, Senior mgmt - s/w co. in CA;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin girl for Tamil Iyer boy, 38 yrs, 5'7", Bharadwaja (G), Punarpoosam, Katakam, BE, MBA, Divorced, US Citizen, employed east coast;, 248.268.0348
Seeking Hindu Vegetarian Girl for 1974 born Tamil Iyer boy, 5'8", MBA, working in Fremont, CA, Koundinya Gothram;
Seeking Karkarthar girl studying in US, for our only son working in Houston, Age 23 - 25yrs; Tel: 887.001.5269,
Seeking girl for 1970 born boy Tamil Iyer, divorced, very brief marriage, working in MA, Koundinya Gothram;
Seeking KARKARTHAR GIRL Studying in USA for our only son working in HOUSTON; AGE 23 to 25; 887.001.5269 /
Seeking a brahmin girl for an Iyer boy - Athreya Gotham, star - karthikai, 36 yrs old working, reputed multi-national IT company - MS (US);
Looking for a brahmin girl for an Iyer boy - Athreya Gotham, star - karthikai, 36 yrs old working, reputed multi-national IT company - MS (US);
Seeking suitable bride preferably in US for nephew, MS (Comp. Sci) 28Yrs, 5'8, H1B, working in CA, Caste no bar;
Seeks bride for Dual U.S. M.S, Virginia Tech, GC, Cisco, CCIE, Sales Engr, Houston, Brief marriage, vegetarian, Vysya, 39/6'1",, 713.510.3460
Seeking Tamil Iyengar girl based in the US preferably, for well settled boy working in Bay Area, CA, 28 yrs old, Athreya gothram, Avittam;
Seeking Iyengar girl for Tamil Brahmin iyengar boy, 5'10", MS working in Bay Area, parents in Chennai, veg, no smoke drink;, 785.840.5787
Seeking suitable bride, preferably in USA, for Tamil boy, ‘82 born, 5'11", MCA, Employed in North Carolina;
Seeking Indian Girl for US born Tamil Boy, 1988, 5'6", BS, working in Midwest;
Seeking tamil bride working in USA for 31 yrs, 5'7", Yadavas of Coimbatore, working as s/w Engr, Bay Area, CA, caste no bar;, 408.387.9825
Seeking Brahmin Iyer girl, preferably from CA Bay Area, for 1983 born boy, Athteyam, Mrigaseersham, MS, Phd, working in CA. Send horoscope to, +91.99950.13462
Tamil Iyer Boy, 31 Yrs, 5'11, Virginia, Employed, H1B visa (GC Processing) seeks Tamil Iyer bride;, +91.98666.86735
Seeking Hindu Tamil Girl preferably working in USA for our Son, Mudaliar, US Citizen, BBA Finance & Accounts, Living & Working in NY City; Caste NO Bar 1983/5'4"; 917.683.3517,
Seeking suitable Hindu bride for Tamil Pillai, 32yrs, 5'11", gastroenterologist in top hospital, in USA, vegetarian, teetotaler, brief marriage, Caste no bar;, +91.99624.15207
Seeking Tamil Brahmin Iyer Girl (Based in USA only) for 1990 March Born Boy, 5'9, B.E (Electrical), MBA 2nd Year, Working in Cisco, Bay Area, Sanjose, GC, living in California >17 Yrs, Karabha Gothram, Poosam, Kadagam;, 408.387.0221
Wanted - Grooms
Seeking Tamil groom working in US, 25-29Yrs, for a Tamil Senguntha Mudaliar girl, 25yrs/MS(USA)/H1B, Punarpoosam IV, Katagam Raasi, working in NY State;
Alliance for Vadagalai, Athreya Gothram 26 year old girl, MS(Comp. Sc), working in Seattle, 5'9", Star Krithigai;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin Iyer groom for 1989 born Tamil Brahmin girl, 5'6", MS, Bharadwaja uttaram, working in Boston;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin Iyer Unmarried/divorcee groom for 1984 born Tamil Brahmin Iyer Girl, divorcee 5'5", MS, Bharadwaja Hastam, working in Boston;
Seeking alliance for a Tamil Brahmin Iyer girl born in 1986, 5'6", doing PhD, located in Chicago;
Jaffna Hindu parents settled in Canada, seeking groom, 32-37yrs, for 1985 Oct born, 5'8", Canadian citizen, working as Accountant in Canada; 585.730.7859,
Seeking suitable groom, caste-no-bar, working in US; For our only daughter Dec 1983 born, Saiva Pillai, 5' 4", ME(Texas), MBA (California), employed in Maryland, H1B;, +91.81465.02266
Seeking groom from US/India for Mudaliyar girl - 25 Yrs, 4'11", MS, Working in Edison, NJ;, 551.574.8727
Seeking unmarried & well-qualified groom in USA, for Tamil Iyer Doctor girl, 28, 5'6", Thiruvadhirai, Vadhoola, pursuing MD (Family Medicine), in VA;, 916.365.7596
Seeking alliance for Tamil Brahmin Iyer boy BE/MS(US), working in Chandler, AZ as S/W Engr, 29 years, 5'10", Srivatsam, Krithigai-4;, +91.98402.32353
Seeking groom, preferably working, living in US for Tamil girl, US Citizen, born Sep 87, working in Dallas, TX. Brief marriage, caste no bar;
Tamil Iyer groom, working/settled in USA for Iyer girl, 23yrs, Kausikam/Bharani, completing M.S.(Texas), May 2017; +9172999.54150, +9199412.07467,
Seeking Indian professional groom, raised in US, for 24yrs, (Arya Vysya), US citizen, studying medicine; 309.269.2707,
Seeking Groom for sister: Tamil Hindu Yadava girl, 27 yrs, 5'3", living in TX. Smart, good looking, TAMU Graduate & working. Nandagopal gothram, Mesham, Reply w/ horoscope:
Seeking groom for a mudaliyar girl on green card, Engg. manager in Bay Area S/w Co, 1978 born, 5'4", caste no bar, briefly married;
Hindu Tamil Nadar, Born Sept 75, Unmarried, Thiruvonam/magaram, Fair, Slim, MCA, Employed Chennai in Software, seeking qualified, unmarried groom;
Iyengar parents of Aug. ‘86, US born law graduate, well placed in investment banking in NYC, seek US citizen/GC grooms, non-kausika, never before married, Brahmin 30-34 yrs;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin groom for Tamil Iyer girl: 37, Vadama, Swathi, Vadoola Gothram, Never Married, 5'5", BE MS MBA, working in Pharma industry in the Bay area, Vegetarian;
Seeking Hindu groom for Tamil girl 33Yrs, 5'9", US Citizen, employed in Media Advertising in New York; Caste no bar;, 201.704.5066
Seeking groom for Tamil Sozhia Vellalar Girl, 27 yrs, 5', B.Tech, currently working in New Hampshire; Caste no bar;; +91.94422.15002
Seeking well qualified Hindu groom for Tamil Boyer girl, 31, 5ft, BE & MS, S/w Engr, working in Las Vegas; 513.807.5052,
Seeking well educated Tamil Iyer groom for 25 yr old doctor Iyer girl, 5'2", Kashyap gothram, doing M.D. at JIPMER; 440.846.1497,
Alliance invited for Saivapillai tamil girl, 33 years/173 cms/MCA, divorcee, issueless, Vegetarian, working in USA, seeking well-educated vegetarian Tamil speaking Professional in US;
Seeking Brahmin groom for Tamil Iyer girl, 28 yrs, working in bay area CA, Kashyapa gothram, singer, artistic, enjoys travels,
Jaffna Hindu Vegetarian parents settled in USA seeking Hindu groom, 35-39yrs, PhD, MD, MS, for 35yrs vegetarian US citizen working in the medical field in Bay Area;
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer Groom for Iyengar girl, MS, employed as Senior Engineer in California, 27yrs, innocent divorcee, unconsummated, never lived together;, 408.807.0287
Seeking brahmin bridegroom raised in USA for an Iyengar girl - 29 yrs, Mrigasrisham, Srivatsa gothram; Preferably from Washington DC, VA or MD area;
Seeking groom for Tamil Iyengar girl, Btech, MS- CMU, 25 yrs, 5'7", H1B visa, working in Bay area, CA, Srivatsa gothram, Mrigasheersham;
Seeking Tamil Iyengar/Iyer groom US employed for Tamil Iyengar girl, 25 yrs, Naidrubakashyapa gothram, Thirvadirai star, MS (CS) employed in CO, open to relocation;
Tamil Iyengar Girl,31 yrs,employed in IT, US, Divorced. Subsect no bar;
South Indian Iyer / Iyengar groom (30-36 years) for daughter: 29, Iyer, Vadama, Poosam, Kowsikam gothram, 5'4'', BE MS, working in S. California, vegetarian. Willing to relocate; 
Seeking groom for Tamil Iyer girl, 26 yrs, 5'8", raised and living in CA, Haridha Gothram, caste no bar, currently working & finishing up her Undergrad in CS;, 949.981.2631
Seeking US based Brahmin boy for Tamil Iyer girl, 29, MS, Citizen, working in New York, Athreya gothram Avittam star; shanthi, 703.868.4365
Seeking groom for 27yrs, Divorced (6 months), Smart Tamil Vellalar Girl, Thiruvathirai, 5'7", MCA, resident in India. Brother in Atlanta & Parents in Madurai. Caste no bar; 404.403.8720,
32yrs, 151 cms, fair, slim, Tiruvonam Kongu Vellala Gounder, MBA, MIF(LBS),VP Pvt bank, London, Vegetarian seeks well educated, well employed groom, caste no bar;,,  +91.98848.55505
Seeking a well-educated South Indian Brahmin groom for a Tamil Brahmin girl, 1988 Oct, 5' 5", balance of cultural values & modern outlook, MBA graduate, employed in Bay area, open to relocation; 
Seeking US based well educated groom below 40 for 36/5"6/Siva gothram, sadhayam, Ph.D, senior design engineer working in Texas; reply w/ horoscope: 214.505.6356,
Seeking well educated & working groom in USA for Mudaliar girl, 25Yrs , Height 5'3", star Chithirai, studying final year MS in Chicago, caste No Bar;
Seeking south Indian Groom for 39 yrs, Professional, US citizen, Pittsburgh/PA, Hindu south Indian, divorced after brief marriage;
Seeking Tamil Saiva Pillai/ Mudaliar/ Chettiar groom for Saiva Pillai girl (26, fair BE, working in USA, innocently divorced - very brief marriage);
Seeking Groom for 34yr Tamil Iyer bride, 5'7", Athreya Gothram, Chithrai Star, PhD, working in NY;, 469.447. 8577
32yrs, 151 cms, fair, slim, Tiruvonam Kongu Vellala Gounder, MBA, MIF(LBS), VP Pvt. Bank, London, vegetarian seeks well educated, well employed groom, caste no bar;,, 98848.55505
For the following classifieds sections, $25/month for 20 words; please send email to
For Rent
In a prime locality in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Fully furnished Apartment with car parking is available for short term rental. Contact: 916.541.7774
Real Estate
4500 Sqft, 3bedroom, luxurious Villa, 6000 Sqft land - Whitefield Bangalore. Gated community. Spacious garden front & back. Brokers excuse;,
For sale, Independent house inside gated community in prime location, 5 bed/5 bath (1900 sq.ft), Cambridge cross road, Ulsoor, Bangalore. Contact:
For Sale: 3BHK Flat with A/C, car parking in a very Posh Locality in Chennai , Near The Radisson, Ethiraj College; US: 303.800.5464,
For Sale 2250 sq. ft home with 3 shops in Kolathur, Chennai, MMDA approved; Total income: INR 35,000;  +91.93826.05693 / 93626.67776
For Sale new 3Bed / 3Bath (1200 sq.ft) flats Prime Location in Anna Nagar West, Chennai. Serious Buyers;
For sale, Independent house, 2513 SqFt, walking distance from Kamakchi Hospital, near Velachery, Rs.1.50 Crores; 425.435.1593
3BHK, with A/C, 2200 sqft, furnished flat available for short term rental in Mylapore, Chennai. US Contact: 805.371.0431
Available for Sale New 3BR and 2BR flats for immediate occupancy in Alwarpet, Chennai, Prime Location, Contact:
Looking for a land or building in-and-around Chennai. Contact: 510.857.3359 or
Maryland Murugan Temple is seeking qualified applicants for fulltime manager with effective communication, organizational & computer skills, ability to plan ahead and work with multiple teams. Must know tamil and car driving.
Immediate opening for FT/PT positions in Tax/Accounting office in Santa Clara, California. Must have work permit. Please send resume to:
Indian fast-casual restaurant in Sunnyvale needs experienced cooks familiar with all styles of Indian cooking. Must be willing to work in fast paced atmosphere; 408.806.7531