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For subjects of Tamil lineage, residing in the US, matrimonial classified listings are FREE, as a service to the community, at this time. For all others - $25 for 20 words; $0.25 for every additional word.
Make checks in favor of 'Thendral' Send classified text by email to along with a request to publish and with the subject line - Matrimony Classifieds. Send email for guidance & details. No phonecalls, please.
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Wanted - Brides
Seeking well-educated bride for groom 39Yrs, 5'10", born and raised in US, works as a Head attorney & co-founder of law firm in California, prefers bride from California, caste & language no bar; 470.684.0830 (Refer SB)
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar, US-raised bride for groom 30Yrs, Iyer, 5'11", raised in US, Senior DevOps engineer in CA; 678.304.8184 (Refer RR)
Seeking well qualified US Citizen groom working in California, 6' & above for Iyengar bride, 24Yrs, 5'11, US Citizen, working in Bay Area/CA and pursuing her masters degree;
Seeking suitable bride for Hindu, Non-veg, '94 born, 5'10, MS, born, brought up & working in Northern California Bay area/CA, soft natured and very sensitive, Caste no bar;
Seeking Iyengar bride, working in US, for groom, Sept '95, 5'8" MS(US), H1B stamped working in San Jose/CA, Kousi Gothram, Chitrai-4,, +91.98400.63354
Seeking US/India based brahmin bride willing to settle in US, for Tamil Iyer groom, US citizen, BE/MS, '76 born, 5'10", Fair, divorcee with no issues, well settled in San Francisco Bay Area/CA;
Seeking bride for Iyengar boy Srivatsa Gothram, Ashwini star, 5'7", May '92, US Citizen, grew up in the Bay Area/CA, BS in CS from Duke Univ, Sr. S/w Engr in Snap Inc, Mountain view/CA, prefer US raised girls, but open; 408.306.7037
Seeking South Indian Brahmin bride working/willing to study in US for Vadama Iyer boy, Athreya gothram, Magam star, 5'10", Mar.'95, BE/MS(IE), Pgm Mgr @ Amazon, Northern California Bay area/CA, H1B;, +91.97895.10993
Seeking bride for Iyengar groom, born Sept. '92, Lohitha Gothram, Thiruvonam star, very fair, 5"4, MS from UTDallas/Texas, working as a Manager in Dallas/TX; +91 96772.69062;
Seeking US raised Iyer/Iyengar bride for US Citizen Vadama Iyer, Haritha, Ashwini, 29 yrs, 5'6" Product Mgr. Bay Area/ CA, Vegetarian, Teetotaler; 408.663.1963,
Seeking Iyer bride, born & raised in the US, 23-25, for affluent US born & raised groom, 27, Business Development Professional in top multinational firm, Bay Area/CA, CS+Econ grad, MBA, Bharadwaja Gothram, Swati star, 5'10", handsome, athletic, vegetarian, non-drinker, non-smoker;
Seeking well-educated bride for groom, 26Yrs, 6'1", US-born and raised, pursuing his Ph.D. in New York, prefers brides from NY, caste no bar; Contact: 470.684.0830 (Refer VR)
Seeking US-based bride for well-accomplished groom, 34Yrs, 5'7", US-born and raised, working as a consultant in NY and is open to relocation; Contact: 470.239.0059 (Refer AP)
Seeking suitable bride preferably in the Texas state for groom, 40Yrs, 5'3", never married, MS, Deputy Chief Engineer in Dallas/TX, living in US for 22 years; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer SR)
Seeking Iyer bride from non-Kaushika Gothram for groom, 31Yrs, Iyer, 5'8", born and raised in USA, MS in Biomedical Engineering, S/w Engr in Denver/CO; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer AS)
Seeking US-raised south Indian brides preferably on the West Coast for groom, 33Yrs, Chettiar family, 5'7", raised in USA, MS, Data Engineer in CA, Caste no bar; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer SG)
Seeking bride for groom, 36Yrs, 5'10", raised in India, Non-Veg, MS, S/w Development Engr, CA, Caste no bar; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer YV)
Seeking bride 38-41Yrs, preferably working/studying in US for groom, 47Yrs, US Citizen, Masters in Contemplative Psychology with professional US State Govt licenses, Manager in a reputable Mental Health Hospital in Colorado, never married, non-smoker, non-drinker, caste no bar; 415.601.9918
Seeking Vadama Iyer bride 23-26 yrs, born & brought up in US, for Sr. Engr, Bay Area/CA, Bharadwaja, Uthiram, 28yrs, 5'9", Vegetarian, Teetotaler;, 408.489.6840
Seeking bride for an Iyer groom, born Sept. '95, US citizen, Harvard & Princeton educated with a PhD in Mathematics, vegan, teetotaler and accomplished violinist;
Seeking US-based Brahmin Bride for Iyer Vadamal, Nov'90, 5'9", Divorcee, no issues, Working in Bay Area, BE/MS, H1B, I140 approved, GC in process, originally from Chennai, +91.95828.88443, +91.96000.58443,
Seeking US based Iyer/Iyengar Bride, for Iyer, Haritha Gothram, Pooratathi Nakshatram, October '93, fair, 5'6", MS from Arizona State, Sr Consultant, Seattle/WA, Vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker; +91.99523.39309, 405.923.2426
Seeking Iyer bride unmarried for unmarried Iyer boy, Hastam star, Kaushika gothram, Oct. '88 born, 5'5", Masters in Project Mgmt from North Eastern Univ, Working in Boston/MA;, +91.99690.30766 (WhatsApp), 617.447.9484
Seeking Christian/Hindu bride for Catholic groom, '78 June born, divorced, no issues, 175cm, PhD (Germany), US permanent resident, working in Bay Area/CA as Bioinformatic Scientist in pharma;
Seeking Iyer bride working in Bay Area/CA, with good family background for Iyer groom, clean habits, BE/MS, Dec. '93 born, Haritha Gothram, Thiruvadirai, working in Bay Area/CA, H1B approved; +91.96196.69036,
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar working in San Jose/CA bride for brahmin Iyer groom, June 94, 5'7", Bharani, Mesham, Bharadwaja Gothram, Working in Bay area/CA, H1B/I140 approved; +91.98207.84475,
Seeking US born and raised, Iyer/Iyengar, Med. Student or recent grad bride for '94 born groom, MD, doing first year residency in Los Angeles/CA, 5'11", Srivatsa Gothram, Revathi Star;
US citizen, '92 Chennai born, non-vegetarian, non-smoker, living in San Francisco Bay Area/CA, seeks never married bride below 29Yrs, caste no bar;
Seeking unmarried Brahmin bride for Brahmin Iyengar Groom, never married, 28Yrs, Naithrubakashyabam, Mirugasirisham, MS(Business Analytics), working as Data Scientist for Apple in Texas;
Seeking bride working in US in IT sector for groom, US educated (UC Berkeley & USC), 6 feet, US citizen, 27Yrs, working in IT, in San Francisco Bay Area;
Seeking US based, Hindu Mudaliar (any subsect), Working Professional, never married bride for good looking 5'11", Hindu, Thuluva vellalar Mudaliar (eats non-veg), July '90, H1B, MS, Employed in San Diego/CA;, 858.205.4755
Seeking unmarried brahmin bride for brahmin iyer goorm, never married, US Citizen, 45Yrs, Garga, Aswini, BS (Pharmacy), working as manager in Texas;
Seeking chettiar bride working in US in IT sector for groom, US educated, 6 feet, US citizen 27Yrs, working in IT, Bay area/CA;
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar never married bride for Iyer groom, May 75, 6'1", very fair, Uthiradam-4, Bharadwaja Gothram, PhD(USA), Prof in reputed Business school, Seattle/WA; +91.91766.72333
Seeking bride, 28-35Yrs, preferably based in US for Iyer groom - '82 born, 6'1", B.Tech (IIT), MS (US), fit & athletic, US Citizen, working in Bay Area/CA;
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride for '87 born, Iyengar, USA citizen groom, Washington DC; +91.82487.91369.
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride for '92 born, Thengalai Iyengar groom, Avittam, Kaundinyam, MS, Chicago/IL, H1B; +91.82487.91369,
Seeking US based bride for '88 born, Saiva Vellalar groom, Fair, 5'10", Uthram, divorced, GC holder, Controller Merck;; 415.841.2131
Seeking bride for Iyer, 1990 born, Ardra/Kashyapam, 5'6", 65kgs, STEM Ph.D (US), Working in Amazon, Sunnyvale/CA, O1-A visa;
Seeking Iyengar / Iyer bride working in US for groom born Oct. '91, 6'2", Avittam, Iyengar, Vadakalai, working in Microsoft, Seattle/WA; +91.98409.96330, 612.458.4354,
Seeking US based Iyer/Iyengar Bride, for Iyer, Bharadwaj Gothram, Hastha Nakshatram, June '95, fair, 5'11", Masters from Georgia Tech, Technology Consulting Manager at EY, Dallas/TX, vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker;
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride for '70 born, Iyer groom, Fair, 5'4", uthiratathi, koundanya gothram, divorced, GC holder, Sr. Consultant in Massachusetts;
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar unmarried bride for Iyer, unmarried groom, July '74, 5'7", fair, Thiruvonam, Koundanya Gothram, MBA, H1B;
Seeking US based Iyer/Iyengar Bride, for US born, Iyengar, Kaushika Gothram, Sadhayam, March 1996, 6' 2", Ivy league undergrad, working in Silicon Valley/Bay Area;
Seeking bride 24-28 for unmarried doctor groom, Nephrology fellow, working in Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, 175cm, '94 born, fair, caste no bar; 708.830.8108,
Seeking Hindu Brahmin Bride from India/USA for US Citizen groom, Feb. '83, Bharadwaja/Hastham, managing affluent Real Estate family business, residing in Bay Area/CA;
Seeking veg. bride (citizen, GC, H1B, Student) for Tirunelveli Saiva Pillai boy, US citizen, born in Chennai and grew up in US since 2 years, Poorattadhi, 31 years, 5'6", MS(CS) working at Atlanta/GA for an MNC based in Seattle;, 408.317.8495
Seeking Iyer bride for Iyer boy vathula gothram, Swathy, 5'8", Sep 1994, raised in Delhi, MS(OPT), working in San Francisco/CA, Vegetarian;, +91-75730.32955
Seeking bride, Saiva Pillai/Mudalaiar, working/studying in US for Saiva Pillai (Karkathar) groom, June '92, 6', MS(CS)(US), working in MNC, Seattle, H1B, Uthirattathi star; 908.336.1472, +91.99413.94116,
Seeking Hindu Bride, Citizen / Permanent Resident, working / Studying for Brahmin Groom, only son, US Citizen, Oct. '92 , 5'10", very fair, working in Washington DC, parents based in Chicago, Caste no bar;, 847.525.6164
Seeking bride for Iyengar groom, 35Yrs, 5'6", raised in US, MS, Manager, lives in CA, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer KR)
Seeking bride 38-41Yrs, for groom, 46Yrs, US Citizen, Masters in Contemplative Psychology with professional US State Govt licenses, Manager in a reputable Mental Health Hospital in Colorado, never married, non-smoker, non-drinker, caste no bar; Prefer bride working/studying in USA; +91.73958.81522 (W)
Seeking bride for Hindu Pillai unmarried groom, MS, working in South Jordan/UT, 170cm, '90 born, fair, H1B;, +91.94889.96117
Seeking Brahmin bride (H1B) for Iyengar boy, March'91 born, Thiruvonam, Sadamarshanam, working for Deloitte with H1B in Washington, DC; +91.98842.67888, 415.926.1736,,
Seeking bride for Iyengar groom, 35Yrs, 5'6", raised in US, MS, Manager, lives in CA, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer KR)
Seeking Iyer Bride, working/studying in US, for Groom, November 1992, 5'11", MS(US), working in Dallas/TX, H1B, I-140 approved, Uditya Gothram, Utharatadi star; 302.415.5932,
Seeking California based south indian brahmin bride (27-32) for Iyer groom, only son, never married, 5'8", 33 yrs, Feb ‘88, Srivatsam Gothram, Star Puram, BE/MS (non-IT), H1B, I-140 approved, working in Bay Area/CA;+91.90351.19136,
Seeking bride for Iyer groom, 35Yrs, divorced with a child (lives with mother), vegetarian, GC Holder, 5'10", MS, Sr. Systems Engineer, Seattle/WA; 678.304.8184 (Refer JS)
Seeking Iyengar bride for Iyengar groom, 35Yrs, vegetarian, US citizen, 5'7", MS, CTO of company, California. 678.304.8184 (Refer KS)
Seeking bride for Iyer groom, 30Yrs, non-vegetarian, US citizen,5'11", Ph.D., Sr Research Scientist, California, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer VS)
Seeking bride for Iyengar groom, 27Yrs, Vegetarian, US citizen, 5'6", Final year med student, Philadelphia, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer AA)
Seeking bride for groom, 31Yrs, non-vegetarian, US citizen, 6', successful entrepreneur, only son, California, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer AK)
Seeking unmarried Iyer / Iyengar, Veg, US bride for Iyer boy, US citizen, June '93, employed in Dallas/TX, BS Double Degree, doing MS, 5'9", Anusha star, Athreya Gothram, Vruchika Rasi, Born in India, brought up in US;, 603.557.2021
Seeking Iyer Bride, Working / Studying in US for Groom Oct '94 born, 5'10", MS(CS)(US), Working in Bay Area / California, H1B, I-140 approved, Kaushika Gothram, Thiruvathirai star, Mithuna Rasi; 91.98403.47955,
Seeking California based South Indian brahmin girl for Iyer/Vadama/6'/31 years boy working as a Software professional in Bay area/CA; +91.98204.93235,
Seeking suitable brahmin bride (vegetarian, non-drinker, never married) working / studying in the US for September 1979 born, Iyer groom, Atreya Gotram, currently based in Upstate NY;
Iyer Srivatsa Gothram, Sadayam, Kumbha Rasi, May 1993, 5'8", B.Tech/MS, S/wprofessional @ North Carolina, H1B, Sudha Jadagam seeks US based working or studying bride; +91.97898.31132,
Seeking bride for Iyengar groom, 30 yrs (1991 born), GC holder, working in Seattle, Construction Project Management, B.Tech (Civil), MS Construction Management, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada OK;, +91.93810.04736, +91.94861.02230
Seeking brahmin bride for Vadakalai Iyengar groom, working as doctor in 2nd year residency, May ‘94, US born, never married, working in Denver, 27Yrs, 5'11", Veg, non-smoker, Sandilyam, Hastham, Kanni, Open to all visas; 303.596.2087 (W)
Seeking Saiva Pillai / Karkathar Vegetarian Bride for 1991 born, 6'1", H1B, BE/MBA (IIM-C), Project Manager in Columbus/OH;, +91.98410.30575
Seeking Iyer bride, never married, US Citizen or GC holder, 22-24Yrs, over 5'6", working in US for groom, born Oct. 95, US Citizen, MS (Carnegie Mellon), 5'11", Bharadwajam, Barani star, tee-totaller, strict Vegetarian, traditional values, Working in Bay Area/CA;, +91.98804.44779
Seeking US based, Hindu, Working Professional, never married bride for good looking 5'11", Hindu, Saiva Mudaliar (eats non-veg), Dec 1988, H1B Visa, MS, Employed in Boston/MA, cousins & extended family in US;
Seeking US based bride for handsome Vadama Iyer groom with diverse social circle, never married, very fair, 6', Jan ‘92, Kausiga Gothram, Kettai, Veg, non-smoker, MS(CS) and PhD(Aerospace); +91.98331.03730,
Iyer, male, 43, presently in DC, Citizen, is looking for proposals from any Hindu denominations, innocently divorced / widow; 708.629.6264,
Seeking US-raised girl for Tamil Iyer groom, 31Yrs, never married, vegetarian, US Citizen, 5'11", MS, Research Engr in Maryland; Prefer someone living in or who can relocate to Maryland, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer NM)
Seeking for US-raised well-accomplished groom for Tamil Iyer girl,38, never married, vegetarian, US citizen, 5'6", MD, MPH, Physician living in PA. Language/caste no bar. Reference SM. Message 678-304-8184
Iyengar, Srivatsa gothram, ‘88 born, 5'8", Masters, never married, employed in Apple at Cupertino/CA seeks brahmin bride working in US, preferably in SF Bay Area/CA or willing to relocate; +91.94407.35413
Iyer, Vadamal, Bharadwaja gothram, Meena rasi, 29Yrs, Revathi, H1B, MS ECE, 6'0", working as Sr Product Manager in Bay Area/CA seeks Iyer bride residing in US, never married, Citizen / H1B; +91.98455.37677, +91.98860.39093,
Seeking Veg., good looking bride for Smart, Fair, Teetotaller, Veg. (Tirunelveli Saiva Pillai), 85 born groom, 173cms, S/w Engr, H1B & GC on process, Hartford/CT; +91.99407.70015,
Seeking bride for US Citizen, Mudaliar, never married, fair, 5'11", July ‘93, Siva Gothram, Kettai / Viruchigam, Non-Veg, non-drinker, non-smoker, working as S/W Engineer in Microsoft, Seattle/WA, 817.513.4206, 214.404.9769,
Seeking US Citizen bride for US Citizen Vadama Iyer, never married, fair, 5'9", Oct '93 born, Srivatsa Gothram, Barani, Veg, non-drinker, non-smoker, completely remote work as S/w Engr, will complete MS in summer 2021; 717.982.1294,
Seeking brahmin bride for Iyer, Vadamal, Srivatsa gothram, Oct '77 born, Kettai, 5'7", L1A, working in Los Angeles/CA, well settled, vegetarian, never married; 818.927.9760,
Seeking bride for tall and handsome Saiva Pillai Groom, born Jul '91, Divorced within very short span of marriage, not consummated, no kids, Caste no bar, H1B, working for Oracle at Boston/MA, Thiruvonam, Makara Rasi, +91.98843.94941, 585.520.6633
Seeking bride for Vaniya chettiar groom, July 1993, mesha rasi, aswini nakshatram, MSCS, 6', employed, HR professional, San Francisco/CA;
Seeking bride for Mudaliyar groom, born Sep '77, 5'6", Divorced no kids, caste no bar, Swathi, Thulam, Working in Dallas/TX, H1B & I-140 approved,
Seeking well educated Iyengar Brides for groom, 5'11", May 1991, Iyengar, Vadakalai, Koundinya Gothram, Makara Rasi, Thiruvonam Star, MS, currently working in Salt Lake City/UT, H1B, I140 applied;, +91.96631.58866
Seeking south indian bride working/studying in US for mudaliyar groom, Mar. 93, BE/MS (UTD), SDE2, Amazon, Seattle/WA, H1B, I-140 approved; +91.86105.33128,
Seeking US born Iyer bride, never married, Veg, non-drinker, non-smoker, highly educated from top university in US, for groom, Jan '93, 5'8", PhD from MIT, Assistant Prof, EECS Dept, Shadamarshana gothram, Uthiradam star;
Seeking US based Brahmin bride for groom Sr. S/w Engr in Cybersecurity firm in Bay Area/CA, MS, Oct. '93 born, Vadakalai, Koushikam, Uthiratadhi, 5'11", GC in process, I140 approved; 650.946.8177, +91.98407.32372,
Iyer, vathoola gothram, Feb. '84, Utthiratadhi, Meena Rasi, 5'6", US Citizen, BS (Nursing), working in Philadelphia seeks bride residing in US, Citizen or H1B; +91.98200.42953, 716.951.0857
Seeking US/Canada based Bride for Chennai Senguntha Mudaliyar groom, 29Yrs, Dec'91, 5'5", 70kgs, Nveg, US MS (IT), Employed in N.Carolina;, 704.421.2486
Seeking bride for only son, Siva Vellalar Pillai, caste no bar, US Citizen groom, 6', Oct '91, MS Comp Engg., working in reputable company @ Chicago/IL, prefer bride born/raised in the US;, 763.350.2076
Iyer, Vadamal, Athreya gothram, April 1992, Merugasirusa, Rishaba Rasi, 6'0", MS employed in Arkansas, H1B under process seeks Veg, Teetotaler, brahmin girl, working/studying in US,, +91.98404.02902
Seeking US based citizen / green card unmarried, well educated Iyer bride for Vadama Iyer groom, Kaushika gothram, Aswini star, 5'8", Feb'93, MS (Industrial Engg), Michigan;, +91.98840.26053
Seeking Iyer working/studying bride for groom working in wireless comm. field, San Diego/CA, Dec ‘94, Vadama, Koushika gothram, Krithigai star, 5'11", fair, MS (Electrical), H1B will be approved soon; +91.94456.51101,
US citizen, Iyer, 29Yrs, 5'9", Resident doctor groom in Ann Arbor/MI seeks suitable girl with good education, Vegetarian, Brahmin family, born or brought up in US, preferably in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois or Indiana;
Seeking bride for 37-40Yrs, '75 born groom, US Citizen, MS in Contemplative Psychology with professional US State Government licenses, Manager in a reputable Mental Health Hospital in Colorado, never married, non-smoker non-drinker, caste no bar; Prefer girl working/studying in USA; 415.601.9918
Seeking Iyer Bride, working/ studying in US, for Groom, Sept 1980, 5'7", MS(UK), working in NYC, Residing in New Jersey, H1B, I-140 approved, Uditya Gothram, Karthigai star; 302.415.5932,
Seeking unmarried hindu bride, working/ studying in US, from Veg. community for Thirunelveli Saiva Pillai gromm, BE/MBA (Germany), 28Yrs, 178cms, Revathy star;, +91.99588.25450
Seeking bride for Senguntha Mudaliyar groom, Revathi Star, 5'8", '91 born, MS Engg, Non-vegetarian, H1B visa, currently working as S/w Engr in Amazon at Virginia; +91.99403.22444, 616.258.1600,
Seeking Iyer working/ studying bride for groom working in wireless comm. field in San Diego/CA, Dec '94, Vadama, Koushika gothram, Krithigai nakshatram, 5'11", fair, MS (Electrical), Employer applied for H1B; +91.94456.51101,
Seeking Vellalar bride for US citizen groom, 30Yrs, 5'8", Hospital Management/ Doctor Coordinator, working at Los Angeles/ CA; 408.832.7837
Seeking Iyer Bride, working/ studying in US, for Groom, Nov. 1992, 5'11", MS(US), working in Olympia/WA, H1B, I-140 approved, Uditya Gothram, Utharatadi star; 302.415.5932,
Seeking Iyer bride for Iyer Groom, Gowthama gothram, Rohini, 6', MS, Dec'92, employed in Oracle at Seattle/ WA, H1B; 91.90350.00260,
Seeking Iyer Bride, working / studying in US, for Groom, Oct 1994, 5'10", MS(US), working in Palo Alto/CA, H1B, I-140 approved, Kaushika Gothram, Thiruvadirai star; +260.954942618,
Seeking unmarried Tamil speaking vegetarian/eggetarian bride for a vegetarian Saiva Chettiar boy, MS(USA), H1B, working in San Jose/CA, Dec '90, 6ft, Thiruvonam/Mahara rasi, Saiva Chettiar/Pillai/Mudaliar or any other Saiva Sect; +91.94430.21313,
Seeking Senguntha Mudaliyar/Mudaliyar bride for groom, MS Engg, currently working as Feature Owner Eng at Ford in Detroit/MI, '93 born, 5'9", Non-vegetarian, Active in sports/adventure lover, H1B approved;, +91.75984.22466, 408.250.4681
Seeking working/studying bride for Iyer groom, Vadama, Koushika Gothram, Uthram Nakshatram, BE/MS Comp Engg, Feb 91'born, Currently working in San Jose/CA; +91.98209.37350,
Seeking Iyer bride employed in California for groom in employed in Bay Area/CA, Nov 1994, 5'10", MS(US), H1B, Koundinya, Moolam, Tee-Totaller; +91.89394.14875,
Seeking working/studying Iyer bride for Iyer groom, Vadama, Bharathwaja Gotram, Thiruvonam Nakshatram, BE/MS Engg, 31Yrs, 5'7", Currently pursuing 2nd MS from UC, San Diego/CA; +91.99402.34150;
Seeking Hindu bride for unmarried groom, Uthara Nakshatram, 5' ht, ‘90 born, MS/UTD, H1B approved, S/W Engg. in San Diego/CA;
Seeking unmarried Iyer girl (<30 yrs) in USA for Iyer boy, Oct ‘89, Ashwini star, 5'10", BE, Salesforce Inc, Bay Area, H1B, I-140 for GC; 224.804.5444,
Seeking bride for Iyer groom, Moudgalya Gothram, Satayam, Aug. '89, Veg, grew up in Dubai, Double MS from Ann Arbor, 5'11", slim, working as Tesla Staff Engr. for 5Yrs, in Bay Area/CA, H1B, I140 approved; 901.421.0669,
Tamil speaking groom, 35Yrs, 5'10", residing in San Francisco/CA, working as Sr S/W Engr, H1B, I-140 approved, with a creative and entrepreneurial streak, seeks smart, good-hearted bride, Caste no bar; 205.225.9543, +91-8939900735,
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride for Iyer groom, Dec, 88, 6', Punarpoosam, Kaushika Gothram, BS (Engg), MBA, Investment Banker, NYC, US Citizen, clean habits;; 201.538.5884
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride for Doctor (MD) groom, currently in final year of highly specialized surgical Residency program, completing June 2021, Sept '90 born, 5'10", Iyer, Vadama, Sreevatsa Gothra, Ardra (Thiruvathirai), in US since High School, New Jersey; 603.290.4655,
Wanted - Grooms
Seeking well-educated, family-oriented, vegetarian, teetotaler, Iyer/Iyengar groom for Iyer, May '85, Srivatasam Gotharam, Uthiram-4th padam, briefly married bride, PhD, Unconsummated marriage, working in a Medical Device company in Europe, Willing to relocate to North America;
Seeking US citizen Iyer never married teetotaler non-smoker Vegetarian groom (age 26-29), for Iyer bride, 26Yrs, US citizen, Uthirattadhi star, Koundinya gothram, Florida;
Looking for Brahmin groom 34-42yrs for bride 34yrs, divorcee, working in Texas; +91.94494.29343,
Seeking US-raised groom for bride 23Yrs, 5'1", born and raised in US, 3rd-year medical student, lives in Washington DC, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer PS)
Seeking US or Canada-raised, well-educated groom for bride 31Yrs, Iyengar family, 5'4", MS, Senior S/w Engr, lives in Texas, open to relocation for right person; 678.304.8184 (Refer AC)
Seeking vegetarian, US or Canadian citizen groom for bride 29Yrs, 5'3", Iyengar, raised in Canada, works as a Policy Analyst in Toronto; 470.684.0830 (Refer SS)
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar groom for Iyer bride, Nov '99, 5'6”, Hastham, Haritha Gothram, BS (Comp Sci), S/w Engr, SF Bay area/CA, US Citizen, clean habits;
Seeking Hindu, Vegetarian, teetotaler, dog lover groom for Brahmin bride, Nov '88 born, Naithrava Kashyapa, Uthiratadi, US citizen, speaks fluent Tamil; currently lives in Austin/TX, willing to relocate;, 919.454.3071
Seeking US based veg, non-drinker Iyengar groom preferably in CA or willing to relocate, within 1-4 years of difference for 24-Yr Iyengar bride, MS (UC, Berkeley), SWE, 5'3”, working in Bay Area/CA. US Citizen / Srivastham / Hastham;
Seeking South Indian Hindu Groom (<39) in US for bride, July '88, 5ft, never married, slim, Thiruvonam star, American international schooling (K-12th grade), MS(USA), S/w Engr in SF Bay Area/CA, H1B, GC in process, caste no bar; 415.690.5242, +91.75399.51722, BKP.8588@GMAIL.COM
Seeking groom for bride raised in US for 1998 July born, 5'8”, BS in Computer Science working in New York City, Caste no bar;, 862.294.0439
Seeking brahmin groom over 5'7" and age difference 0-5yrs for innocent divorcee girl, vadakalai iyengar, MS, well qualified from premier institution, May 1991 born, Mrishirsham / Srivatsa Gothram, Northern California Bay Area/CA;
Seeking well settled Iyengar/Iyer grooms for US Citizen, Sept '96, Vadagalai Iyengar bride, Srivatsa Gothram, Bharani star, 5'5", Veg, Undergrad CS, Employed in Leading Tech Company in Bay Area/CA;
Seeking well educated, US Born/Raised, Iyer/Iyengar groom born between 1996-2000 for US Citizen girl, Iyer, Bharadwaj gothram, poosam star, 5'4", July 2000, Veg, undergrad in CS from Purdue, S/W analyst in big-4 consulting firm;
Seeking US raised groom for Iyengar girl, 30Yrs, vegetarian, MS Computer Science, S/W Engr, 5'4", lives in Texas, open to relocation;
Seeking Vadama Iyer Groom, 27-30 Yrs, born and brought up in US for Engineer, Northern California Bay Area/CA, Bharadwaja, Maham, 26 Yrs, 5'5";, 408.489.6840
Seeking US Born / raised Groom from Medical profession for US Citizen bride 25 Yrs, 5'4", 4th year Medical Student, Arkansas, Hindu, Caste No Bar; 479.464.4523,
Seeking groom, raised with family in US, 25-29Yrs for US born & raised bride, 24Yrs, Software Engineer working in New York, caste no bar;
Seeking US born, well-educated, vegetarian/eggetarian groom with clean habits (preferably from Texas) for bride, born June '94, winsome personality, Master's degree, working in healthcare industry in Houston/TX; 361.876.4882
Seeking US raised, good looking groom for bride , 28Yrs, (father is a Tamil Iyer and mother is Pakistani Hindu), 5'7", raised in US, Medical Student in NY; 678.304.8184 (Refer SS)
Seeking US raised groom preferably in CA for bride, 27Yrs, Iyer, 5'7", raised in US, S/w Engr in SFO/CA; 678.304.8184 (Refer LH)
Seeking a well-accomplished groom preferably in NY or CA area for bride, 39Yrs, good-looking, 5'3", raised in Australia, divorced without children, MBA, Product Strategy Principal in NY; 678.304.8184 (Refer SR)
Seeking well accomplished groom for bride, 31Yrs, Tamil-speaking Telugu family, 5'2", raised in US, Resident Physician in NJ. Open to groom raised in India, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer VP)
Seeking US raised, athletic groom based in California for bride, 29yrs, 5'9" , working as a Product Operations Manager in San Franciso/CA, Language /Caste no bar; Contact: 470.684.0830 (Refer JM).
Seeking US raised groom under 30Yrs for bride, 24Yrs, Vegetarian, 5'1", working as Associate Brand Strategy Manager in Oregon; Contact: 470.684.0830 (Refer AP)
Seeking US born and raised groom in and around Virginia for bride, 32Yrs, 5'5", born and raised in the US, MBA, works in Clinical Operations in VA; Contact: 470.684.0830 (Refer SB)
Seeking Veg./Eggetarian groom with clean habits, working in CA, for soft natured, karkarthar pillai bride, Sept. 1991, 5'1", Puratathi, brought up in US, working in BioTech company, SF Bay Area/CA;, 408.647.6739
Seeking groom for Dec '96, Chennai born girl, 5'7", Bharathwaja/Magam, /Veg, MBBS pursing MS-Neuro science in New York; Groom completed/pursuing their residency & born after 1992 preferable;, 713.232.9243
Seeking groom for Iyengar bride, born '99, 5'5", Koundinya Gothram, Revathi Nakshatram, born and raised in US, Undergraduate degree in Economics and Statistics from Univ of Michigan, Employed at a top tier Tech industry, Lives in Detroit/MI, Avid violin player;
Seeking US citizen Tamil Iyer groom born 1995 - 97, never married, vegetarian, non-drinker, non-smoker, for bride, US born 1998, 5 ft, Los Angeles area/CA, pursuing PhD, Vadama, Haritha, Hastham star;
Seeking US Born/Raised groom for US Citizen girl, Sankrithi gothram, Thiruvadhirai star, 5'4", Feb '96, Veg, Undergrad CS from CMU, working as S/w Engr in San Francisco/CA;, 214.621.4832
Seeking US based groom for divorced bride, no issues, one boy child (8 yrs), MS-IT, Tech Lead in MN, H1B, Tamil speaking, 85 born, good looking, non-veg, Caste-no-bar; 919.523.4661
Seeking US-based groom for a second-generation Tamil Malaysian girl, 37Yrs, 5'5", Bachelors in Accounting and Finance, working in NYC, US Resident, caste/diet no bar; Contact: 470.684.0830 (Refer BS)
Seeking a well-educated groom for the 31-year-old girl, 5'1", MS in Data Analytics, US citizen, vegetarian, working as scientist in California; Contact 470.684.0830 (Refer AK)
Seeking US-raised well-accomplished, active groom living in Seattle/WA area for bride 29Yrs, never married, Veg, US citizen, 5'8", Neurology resident living in Seattle. Language/caste/diet no bar; Contact: 470.239.0059 (Refer MR)
Seeking US-raised, well-educated, South Indian groom living around Virginia for Iyer girl, 32Yrs, 5'5", never married, Veg, US citizen, living in Virginia. Language/caste no bar; Contact: 470.239.0059 (Refer SB)
Seeking well educated groom for bride 34Yrs, 5'8", born and raised in India, Open to relocation, double Masters from Washington University. Language/Caste/location/diet no bar; Contact 470.239.0059 (Refer HT)
Seeking a well accomplished groom for bride 38Yrs, 5'4", Veg, raised in the USA, never married, Ivy league educated, Language/caste/diet no bar; Contact: 470.239.0059 (Refer VP)
Seeking groom for well accomplished, Iyer divorcee bride, 50 yrs, 5'10",2 adult children in US, Language/Location/Community/diet no bar. Open to widowers/divorcees/never-married gentlemen; Contact: 470.239.0059 (Refer VR)
Seeking Veg, raised in the US groom for bride 28Yrs, Iyer, 5'4", born and raised in US, S/w Engr in Colorado; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer SS)
Seeking Veg, raised in the US groom preferably in NY area for bride, 24Yrs, Iyer, 5'4", born and raised in the US, MS, S/w Engr in NYC; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer SS)
Seeking well accomplished, tall, US-raised groom for bride, 30Yrs, Iyer, 5'4", MBA & MPP from Harvard, works as a Director, lives in Northern CA; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer HJ)
Seeking suitable groom for bride 31Yrs, 5'2", never married, raised in India, Canadian PR, QA Analyst in Canada; Contact 678.304.8184 (Refer AN)
Seeking US-raised, well-accomplished groom for bride, 28Yrs, 5'3", raised in USA, Internal Medicine Resident in GA, Caste no bar; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer VR)
Seeking US-raised grooms from medical profession for bride 31Yrs, Iyer, 5', raised in USA, Neurology residency, currently doing her fellowship on neuromuscular in IL, (completing her fellowship in June 2023), Cast no bar; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer SP)
Seeking US-raised grooms for bride, 26Yrs, 5'3", born and raised in US, Staff Attorney in NY, Caste no bar; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer JN)
Seeking a US-based groom for bride 31Yrs, Tamil-speaking Telugu girl with an annulled marriage, 5'4", raised in Singapore, briefly married, GC holder, S/w Engr in San Francisco/CA, Caste no bar; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer SM)
Seeking US-raised groom, preferably medical professional for bride 33Yrs, 5'2", born and raised in US, never married, Physician in NY, Caste no bar; Contact: 678.304.8184 (Refer SK)
Seeking well educated Iyer/Iyengar groom for Iyer girl, US born, MBA, working in Bay Area/CA, born '91, Bharadwaja Gothram, Shathayam star, prefer grooms working in the Bay Area or Southern California;
Seeking unmarried hindu groom, caste No Bar for bride, '87 born, 154cm, vegetarian, flexible food habits, B.Tech/MS, working in Arizona for a reputed company, willing to relocate, H1B, I140 approved;, 682.559.9427
Seeking US-born or raised Iyer/Iyengar groom, never married, veg, non-drinker, non-smoker, Physician or PhD from a top US University, for bride, Oct '98, 5'2", pursuing PhD, Vadoola gothram, Uttara star;
Seeking groom (born & brought up in US) for 23Yrs, Hindu, Tamil, Non-Veg, US Citizen bride, caste no bar, working in the Midwest area;
Seeking never married groom, younger than 38 years, for Tamil Iyer bride, 35Yrs, never married, 5'7", MD, Doctor in Maryland; prefer someone living on the East coast or who can relocate to Maryland, Language/caste no bar;
Seeking a US Citizen, Brahmin groom, 25-28Yrs, for a Bay Area/CA based S/w Engr, US Citizen, 24Yrs, 5'9" height, Kausika Gothram;
Seeking US based groom for unmarried bride MS-IT, Network Engr in MN on H1B, Tamil speaking, '93 born, 5'4", non-veg, Caste-no-bar; 559.475.2054,
Seeking US-based groom, never married, aged between 27-31Yrs, Non-veg for Bride working in IT sector in San Diego/CA, H1B;
Seeking groom for South Indian brahmin bride, June 92, Chennai born, 5'2", Kashyapa, Anusham, vegetarian, B.Tech/MS, working in Bay Area/CA, H1B & I-140 approved; fluent in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu, +91.98795.76578
Seeking hindu, working professional, never married/divorced/widowed, normal groom for good looking girl, vegetarian, divorced, no issues (unconsummated), '84, 163cm, currently doing Ph.D and residing in Austin/TX, I140 approved; 512.809.7708
Seeking hindu, working professional, never married/divorced/widowed, normal groom for good looking girl, vegetarian, divorced, no issues (unconsummated), '84, 163cm, currently doing Ph.D and residing in Austin/TX, I140 approved; 512.809.7708
Seeking US brought up groom for a devanga chettiar bride, 31yrs, 5'7", US born & brought up, final year residency doctor, krithigai star, mesa rasi, caste no bar; 469.644.1315,
Seeking hindu, working professional, never married/divorced/widowed, normal groom for good looking girl, vegetarian, divorced, no issues(unconsummated), '84, 163cm, currently doing Ph.D and residing in Austin/TX, I140 approved; 512.809.7708
Seeking groom for unmarried October'93 born bride, 5'4", Iyer, Vadama, MS (Comp. Engg), working in San Franciso/CA, Uthiradam, Koundinya gothram, H1B, I140 approved; +91.99303.56277
Seeking groom for unmarried Oct. '93 born, 5'4", Iyer, Vadama, MS (Comp. Engg), working in SFO/CA, Uthiradam, Koundinya gothram, H1B, I140 approved;
Seeking groom for Iyengar bride, 94 born, Bharadwaja Gothram, Pooram Nakshatram, 5'7", B.Tech/MS, working in Bay Area / CA, H1B & I-140 approved; 650.537.6322,
Seeking US Citizen groom for bride, US born & brought up, Aug 94, Eggetarian, Kaushika gothram, Sadhyam star, Data Scientist residing/working in Virginia currently;
Seeking well educated groom, 30-34 yrs belonging to Agamudiar Mudaliar/Pillai for a fair bride, 5'1", Jan. '93 Punarpoosam, Mithunam, currently working as Dental doctor in Washington state;, +91.98423.10402, +91.88701.88179
Seeking groom for US Citizen bride, Mudaliar, caste no bar, 5'2", Oct 1996, never married, flexible food habits, currently in third year of medical college, prefer groom born/raised in the US;, 919.633.4383
Seeking groom for unmarried March '92 born bride, 5'1", mudaliar, MS(Electrical Engg), working in San Diego/CA, eggetarian, H1B, I140 approved; +91.99809.19765
Seeking US working, never married groom for Nov 76 born Mudaliyar bride, 5'2", Star-swathi, S/w professional, working in St. Louis/MO, US citizen; Caste no bar; +91.94421.53080,
Seeking US based Aarunattu Vellalar groom with similar values for a Aarunattu Vellalar girl, Chartered Secretary in Chennai, 5'7", Nov '91, Thulam Rasi, Swathi Star, seeking aligned interest; +91.73583.30284
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar groom for Vadama Iyer girl, Srivatsa gothram, Pooradam, Jun 96 born, 5"3", Btech (CS), Sr. Data Analyst @ Walmart Labs, Bay Area/CA; 408.219.6551, +91.77080.67264,
Seeking groom from vegetarian community for Karkatha vellalar bride, 95 born, 5'7", grown up outside India, BS & MS from top US universities, S/w Professional in NYC; 646.637.2466 (WhatsApp only),
Seeking Brahmin groom for Vadagalai Iyengar, Athreya, Vegetarian, Jan 81 born, divorcee, based in New Jersey;
Seeking caste no bar, unmarried / divorced groom for bride, '87 born, Devendrakula velalar girl, Anusham, BE, working in Atlanta/GA, H1B; +91.95668.84715, 425.440.1333,
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar groom from Bay area/CA for Iyer bride, 1996 born, Kausika gothram, Visakam star, Thula rasi, 5'7", BE/MS(Carnegie Mellon), working in Bay area/CA, H1B; +91.96070.46011, +91.98459.91607,
Seeking US based Vadakalai Iyengar groom for US born, Iyengar Vadakalai, Bharathwaja Gothram, Swati Nakshatram, Nov '98, 5'6", currently in 3rd year medical school, CA;
Seeking Iyer / Iyengar groom for Iyer bride, '89 born, Haritha gothram, Anusham, 5'5", BE/MS(US), working in Austin/TX, H1B; +91.94425. 02866, +91.99403.16933,
Seeking South Indian Hindu groom for bride born in Sep '85, 5'3", Agmudaya Mudaliyar, working in Bentonville/AR, never married, vegetarian;, +91.80568.05884
Seeking groom for Mudaliar bride, 36, 5'9", Thiruvonam, B.Tech/MS, H1B, GC in process, Working in Manhattan/NY; 646.957.1103
Seeking groom for Mudaliar girl, 34 yrs, 175 cms, PhD, Kaniya rasi, Astham natshathiram, currently working in Washington DC, caste no bar; Contact
Seeking US Citizen groom for bride, US born & brought up, Jan. 93, Vegetarian, Bharadwaja gothram, Revathi star, doctor working in NYC currently, moving to Boston in July for fellowship; 516.445.8808,
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer groom for bride Sankrithya gothram, Uttara Nakshatram, 5'4", Aug. '95, raised in UAE, in US since age of 18, Undergrad & Masters in Clinical Psychology in US, working in Wisconsin, H1B, ready for relocation;, +97.15057.71070
Seeking highly educated, never married, US based, vegetarian, Iyer groom for pretty, cultured & modern, Iyer bride, 5'5", 1999 US born and brought up, 3rd yr MD at USC (Berkely undergraduate with honors), Bay Area/CA based, Koushika gothram, Revathi nakshatram;
Seeking educated, never married / issueless divorcee tamil groom for 1975 born hindu vellala pillai Bengaluru bride, Pooram, PG qualified Maths Teacher; 895.186.7021,
Seeking an unmarried/divorced with no issues groom for a Hindu Mudaliyar divorced girl (marriage lasted only a month), 5'9", Oct 1991 born, Makkaram uttradam 4th Patham, working in IT, Dallas,Tx; 469.251.2013,
Seeking groom for bride, 27Yrs, Iyer, 5'3", born and raised in US, MS, Data Scientist from DC, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer VR)
Seeking South Indian brahmin groom for bride, 26Yrs, Iyer, 5'3", raised in Canada and US, PhD, Internal Medicine Resident Doctor in Chicago; 678.304.8184 (Refer BB)
Seeking groom for bride, 30Yrs, Iyer, 5'5", MBA, born in US, raised in SE Asia and US, Process Management Consultant in Columbus, OH, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer PV)
Seeking hindu, working professional, never married/divorced/widowed, normal groom for good looking girl, vegetarian, divorced, no issues(unconsummated), '84, 163cm, currently doing Ph.D and residing in Austin/TX, I140 approved; 512.809.7708
Seeking Iyer groom (never married / divorced or widowed with no kids) for 1980 born, Divorced, no kids, GC, Masters, Working in Dallas/TX;, +91.98409.05043
Seeking an Iyer groom for bride doing her Ph.D in Neuroscience in Ashburn/VA, Oct. '97 born, Pazhamaneri Brahacharanam, Shatamarshana Gothram, Kettai(Jyeshta) 3 padam, 5'4", Prefer Teetotaler and Vegetarian;
Seeking well qualified US born/resident Vadakalai Iyengar groom for bride, Koundinya Gothram, Uthirattadhi, 25Yrs, 5'7", brought up in Vaishnava tradition with modern outlook, learned several Indian fine arts and piano, Masters in Public Health and working in New York Hospital as Research Coordinator;
Seeking groom for April '82 born bride, 5'6", Hindu/Vadoola, Kettai, PhD, working in Bay Area/CA, never married;
Seeking east coast based Iyer/Iyengar groom for March '93 girl, Srivatsa Gothram, MS(US), working in NY, H1B; Seeking similar fun-loving, open-minded & social personality;
Seeking well placed Iyer/Iyengar groom for Iyer bride, 28Yrs, 5'3", very fair, dentist practicing in California, Kaundinya, Hastham; +91.98200.58952,
Seeking South Indian brahmin groom (31-35) for Iyengar bride, never married, 5'6", 31Yrs, July '90, Athreya Gothram, Star Maham, BE/MS, H1B, I-140 approved, Data Scientist in Bay Area/CA; +91.97899.21852,
Seeking brahmin groom for Iyer girl, 29Yrs, Vadhoola Gothram, Avittam Star, 5'4", Bachelors in IT Engineering (India) and Masters in US, Working in New York for a reputable firm; +91.86929.47000
Seeking groom for Iyer girl, 30Yrs, vegetarian, 5'5", BS, MS (Stanford), Engineer in a Top tech company in Bay area/CA;
Seeking groom for Iyer bride, 32Yrs, vegetarian, US Citizen, 5'4", MS, Client Services and Innovation Manager in New Jersey, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer DG)
Seeking groom for Iyer bride, 27Yrs, vegetarian, US citizen, 5'7", third-year Otolaryngology residency, New York; 678.304.8184 (Refer AG)
Seeking groom for girl, 30Yrs, Non-vegetarian, US citizen, 5'4", Ph.D., Senior Health Economist, California, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer PS)
Seeking groom for Iyer girl, 34Yrs, Vegetarian, US citizen, 4'11", MS, Data Analyst, California, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer SK)
Seeking groom for Iyengar girl, 29Yrs, vegetarian, raised in Canada, 5'4", pursuing MS, worked as a Sr. S/w Engr, lives in Texas, open to relocation, Language/caste no bar; 678.304.8184 (Refer AC)
Seeking a well educated, good looking, never married, preferably Tamil speaking Hindu groom, 32-34yrs for a beautiful, talented, and responsible Tamil MBBS bride, Currently in India, willing to move to the US;
Seeking Hindu groom, 28-31Yrs, unmarried, Mudaliar/subcaste no bar, for a 1995 born, 5'3", Chennai girl, BE, Poosam/Kadakam, Working as S/w professional in Bengaluru-based company;, 301.332.3732
Seeking US Citizen groom for US Citizen Vadama Iyer, never married, Mar '95, Naithriba Kashyapa Gothram, Sadayam star, Veg, non-smoker, completing Wharton (Philadelphia) MBA in 2022;
Female 50, Bharani Nakshatram residing and working in Arizona, very personable and spiritual, Divorced with 2 adult children living in different cities, seeks hindu groom (divorcee, no issues) under 54Yrs;
Seeking alliance for bride, US citizen, Iyengar, March '92, Bharadwaja Gothram, Hastham star, 5'4", Fair, Masters Degree, Employed as Sr. S/w Engr in NJ, Carnatic / western music - Vocal, instrument, Teetotaler;
Seeking hindu, working professional, never married, normal groom for good looking, very fair, girl, pillai(eats non-veg), June '88, 163cm, H1B, employed in SF Bay Area; +91.94454.04691,
Smartha brahmin, Ivy League undergrad (Comp. Sci major), 29yrs, 5'5",fair, pretty, working in NY, top position, seeks unmarried boy studied in top school with strong family values, caste no bar;
Seeking Brahmin groom for April '90 born girl, 5'8", Moudgalya gothram, Revathy, MS, S/w Engineering Manager in Salt Lake City/UT, H1B/I140;, +91.87783.42253
Seeking groom for only daughter, Texas employed, Citizen, 157 Cms, 51Kg, fair, June '78 born, vegetarian, short lived unconsummated marriage, annulled;; 214.801.7007
Seeking Veg./Eggetarian groom with clean habits, working in CA, for soft natured, karkarthar pillai bride, Sept. 1992, 5'1", Puratathi, brought up in US, working in BioTech company, SF Bay Area/CA;, 408.647.6739
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar/Madhwa groom for US citizen bride, doctor, doing surgery residency in Philadelphia, 1994 born, Iyengar, Athreya Gothram, Bharani star;, 510.593.5942
Seeking US-based, Hindu, never married, PhD groom for Mudaliyar bride, 25 yrs, 5'5", working as Space engineer in NY (completed PhD); 718.775.8214,
Seeking well educated, Hindu groom (caste no bar) for bride, 36Yrs, living in Las Vegas, MS(US), Friendly and kind hearted, Willing to relocate to non-cold states;, 513.720.6066, +91.94875.53255
Seeking groom working/can relocate near Philadelphia/Delaware state for bride 1994 born, 5'6", MS(CS), Srivatsa/Vadama, H1B, working in stable job; +91.94442.16002, +91.95000.94172,
Seeking Hindu groom for US citizen bride, 38Yrs, working in Washington DC, Divorced;
Seeking well-qualified, 6' or above Iyer Groom for bride 5'8", April 1995, H1B, Iyer, Vadama, Kaushika Gothram, MS (from UIC), currently working in Chicago/IL,, +91.97911.80020
Seeking US based unmarried Brahmin groom for Iyer Brhamin girl, Kaushiga gotram, Bharani star, ‘87 born, 5'6", BE/MS, working in Los Angeles/CA, H1B; +91.94601.88812,
Seeking US-based Brahmin groom for Iyer Vadama Bride, Jan'91, 5'8", Divorcee, no issues, Working in Oregon, BE/MS/MBA, H1B, I140 approved, GC in process, originally from Chennai, +91.82486.93320, +91.90806.82681,
Seeking Surgery Resident/Surgeon, US Citizen groom for pretty, cultured US born girl, 25 years, Yale Undergraduate, in Harvard Medical School, MD ‘23 graduation, Caste/language irrelevant;, 440.539.8424
Seeking well educated groom, 27-31Yrs, belonging to Mudaliar/Pillai for a fair divorcee, Senguntha Mudaliar bride, 165cm, Aug'1995, Thiruvonam Star, Magaram Rasi, currently pursuing MS (Engg) in Canada;, 215.796.8615
Well qualified (B.Tech) S/w Professional, working for top European Bank in India, seeks groom based in US/India, for Pillai/Mudhaliar, ‘92 born, willing to relocate to US;, +91.98333.93691
Seeking a kind groom with or without kids for remarrying bride, Widower/Divorcee, US based groom only, caste no preference for bride, 5'8", 1980 born, Iyer with 2 kids, living in Virginia;, 703.581.9558
Seeking Veg. Iyengar/Iyer groom, 25–27Yrs, US Citizen / firm path to Green Card for Iyengar girl, pretty, slim, very fair, 5'7", 1996 born, MSCS, Software Developer, Bay Area/CA, Koushika, Swathi;, +97.15.0644.9950
Looking for Christian groom for beautiful 37Yrs bride, divorced after a very brief marriage, no kids, 5'2", MS, PhD. based in Oregon; 678.304.8184 (Refer RD)
Seeking US based citizen / green card unmarried, well educated (strict vegetarian, teetotaler) groom for Iyer girl November 1995 born, Koundinya gothram, Makam, 5'6", very fair, Studying PhD in TX, 91.94083.45339,
Seeking brahmin groom with clean habits, teetotaler, preferably medicine for Iyer girl, Fair, 1994 born, 5'3", Vadama, Bharathwaja Gothram, Uthradam Star, MBBS, doing residency in New York;
Seeking alliance for Iyer girl, MD in Internal medicine residency position in City of Chicago/IL, Poosam Star, Jan 95 born, US citizen, culturally connected, Iyer/Iyengar fine;, 416.417.6460
Seeking Hindu Mudaliar (all subsects) / Pillai never married groom for mudaliar girl, Aug. 82, 5'4", Revathi Star, MCA, Working as S/w Engr at San Francisco Bay Area/CA, H1B, GC applied; +91.98400.55101,,
Seeking US-raised vegetarian groom for talented and beautiful 24Yrs, US citizen, Saiva Mudaliar girl, 5'1", BS, MS, based in Washington DC; 678.304.8184 (Refer MG)
Seeking US based groom for '74 born, 5', petite intro/ambivert US Citizen, Divorcee settled in Arizona, Eggetarian, Open to exploring the journey ahead as companion;
Seeking US based groom for a soft natured, fair, beautiful Pillai girl, 5'5", May '93, Non Veg, 52Kg, B.Tech/MS working at Amazon, Seattle/WA, H1B, GC in process, Simmam/Makam. Caste no bar;, +91.93631.12464
Looking for Christian groom for beautiful bride, 37Yrs, divorced after a very brief marriage, no kids, 5'2", MS, Ph.D, based in Oregon; 678.304.8184 (Refer RD)
Seeking groom - strictly veg, non-smoker, non-drinker, working/settled in US/Canada for bride 26Yrs, fair, 165cms, Karkathar Pillai, B.Tech(CS), MS (Carnegie Mellon), working in IBM, Boston/MA, Student visa; 248.613.4672, +973.3698.2000,
Seeking groom for Saiva Pillai (Karkathar) girl hailing from good family, fair, 27yrs, BE, MS and working in Texas;
Seeking groom for Iyer, Kousikam, Tiruvonam, March 90, BTech, MS(CS), Microsoft @ Sunnyvale/CA; +91.70328.34999, +91.98663.48487
Seeking US/Canada based groom, 34Yrs, 5'5", Thanjavur Saiva Pillai, divorced, no children, Canada Permanent Resident, working in Ottawa, caste no bar., +91.98401.88887
Seeking US Born Brahmin groom with clean habits, fun loving, social and responsible, well employed for bride, US Born, Iyer, Chitra star, June 91, 6ft tall, employed in Virginia;
Seeking well-educated US citizen Hindu groom for US-born Ivy Leaguer bride, born 1995, finishing MBA in 2022 at Harvard, Boston, 165cms, Magam;
Seeking groom US Citizen/GC/Valid H1B, 32-37Yrs, caste no bar for US Citizen bride, Vegetarian, never married, 33Yrs, 5'4", Shiva gothram, Revathi Star, brought up in Indian Tradition, learnt Carnatic Music, Hindu Nadar, employed in OSU, Columbus/OH;, 614.354.8265
Seeking well settled groom for a Brahmin girl, Mar 85, issueless divorce, S/w professional settled in Charlotte/NC;
Seeking Karkatha vellalar groom for bride, 95 born, 5'7", grown up outside India, BS & MS, S/w Professional working in NYC;
Seeking well educated and employed (H1B/GC) groom working in Seattle/ San Francisco for Pillai bride, Jan 92, Kettai Star, MS, S/w Engr, F1 OPT, employed in Bay area/CA; 352-562-6026,
Seeking alliance for Iyer Vadama Bride, 1987 born, 5'8", working in Oregon, BE/MS, H1B,, +91.94440.69333, +91.98403.94556
Seeking US born Vadakalai Iyengar groom for bride, Koundinya Gothram, Uthirattadhi, 24Yrs, 5'8", brought up in Vaishnava tradition, learnt several Indian fine arts, Finishing Master's;
Seeking groom for a US citizen, never married, pure vegetarian, Bay Area S/w professional, well known company, looking for a friend to share a meaningful life journey, Caste no bar, age between 40-50Yrs;
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer groom for Iyer girl, Vadamal, Kousigam, June 1989, Chitirai star, Kanni Rasi, 5'5", MS (Business Analytics), working as Sr. Data Scientist Mgr in Minneapolis/MN, H1B;, +91.87548.19048
Seeking groom for '92 born bride, vegetarian, Mudaliar, Bharadwaja Gothram, 5'7", MS(Robotics), Working in Bay area/CA, H1B Visa;
Seeking Iyer groom for Iyer girl 28Yrs, Moudhgalya Gothram, Mrigasheersham, 5'8", fair, studying MS in Robotic Technology, Oregon State University/Portland; +91.94440.46075,
Bharadwaj, Vadamal, 5'11", 1988 born, with MS & PhD, currently working in a reputable university in Birmigham/AL, seeks (equally) qualified US based bride; 949.981.3061, +91.95660.60122,
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer alliance for Iyengar girl, Vadakalai, Athreyam, Feb 1991, Krithigai, Mesham, 5'9"(175 cm), MS (Comp. Sc), S/w Engr in Seattle/WA with H1B & I140 approved;, +91.87545.35770
Seeking Vegetarian groom for bride March 1995 born, Saiva Pillai, 5'3", MS in Accounting PPA/University of Texas, Working as Sr. IT Auditor in Dallas/TX, prefer groom born/raised in the US;
Seeking alliance for US Citizen, Sept '96, Vadagalai Iyengar bride, Srivatsa Gothram, Ashwini star, 5'5", Veg, Undergrad CS, Employed in Leading Tech Company in Bay Area/CA, Carnatic;
Seeking suitable US Citizen Iyer groom for bride, 5'9", Nov 1997, Iyer, Bharadwaja Gothram, Pooram, Bachelor of Engg, currently working in Bay Area/CA, Canadian Citizen on TN Visa;
Seeking US based, never married, well educated non-bharadwaja Brahmin groom for bride 32, Iyer, 5'6", Australian citizen working in New York;
Seeking Iyer groom for Iyer girl, Gowthama gothram, Pooram 5'5", Apr'96, MS, OPT; working in Austin/TX;, +91.90350.00260
Seeking well educated Iyengar groom for bride, 5'5", April 1993, Iyengar, Naithruva Kasyapa Gothram, Avittam(3), BA/LLB from National Law University, Ahmedabad, currently working in Bangalore, India; Will pursue Masters at Columbia University/NY (Fall 2021), Kalai no bar;, +91.89712.26002
Iyer, US Citizen, Srivasta Gotham, March 1993, MD, in her 2nd year Residency at Harvard Affiliated hospital in Boston, seeking a suitable, well educated groom preferably in New England / NYC Area;
Seeking well educated employed grooms for Iyer girl, good looking, 26Yrs, 5'7", Kaushika Gothram, Ayilyam Star, working in BIG4 Consulting firm in Texas;
Seeking Iyer groom for Iyer girl, 1989 born, Haritha gothram, Anusham, 5'5", BE/MS(US), working in South Carolina, H1B; +91.94425.02866, +91.99403.16933,
Seeking suitable groom for Hindu Girl, '84 born, S/w Professional, working in San Francisco/CA, originally from Chennai, Divorcee, no issues;
Seeking US based groom with family values and clean habits for July 1989 born, Hindu Nadar girl, 5'2", never married, El Paso/TX, US MD, currently pursuing Residency(Medical);
Seeking well-accomplished groom for Iyer Girl, vegetarian, 28, 5'8", Swathi-Bharathwaja Gothram, raised in Dubai, MBBS in India, J1 Visa, in her final year Residency in Internal Medicine in Boston/MA, Fellowship from Jun 2021; 678.304.8184 (Whatsapp - Ref SL)
Saiva Pillai girl, 31Yrs, 5'3", BE/MS(US), working in North Carolina, H1B, both parents doctors living in Bombay seeks groom from a good family background working in US;, +91.98210.48773
Wanted Grooms - Kannada
Seeking Brahmin groom, preferably a doctor, for Madhwa Girl, 28Yrs, Jamadagni Gothram, Vishakam, raised in US/India, J1 Visa, MBBS from Bangalore, in final year of residency at North Carolina, Fellowship at Chicago from June 2022; +91 98456.85352, +91.98809.34052,
Wanted Bride - Telugu
Seeking Telugu or Tamil US-based bride, well educated, has traditional values for Telugu/Tamil groom raised in the US, 38 yrs, 5'5", never married, PhD in Engg, well-employed in the Boston area;
Wanted Grooms - Telugu
Seeking well-educated groom for bride 27Yrs, Telugu, 4'11", raised in US, working as an Epidemiologist in VA, Language no bar; 470.684.0830 (Refer LR)
Seeking an unmarried Hindu groom in Bay Area/CA, over 5'7” and age difference 0-3 yrs for bride 38Yrs, never married, Telugu girl, 5'5", working in Bay Area/CA, H1B, GC in process, caste no bar;, 917.426.2854
Seeking Naidu groom working in US for Telugu bride, sub caste no bar, 45Yrs, Magam Nakshatram, 5'3", MCA, GC Holder, working in Seattle/WA; +91.94449.55180, +91.80728.43690,
Seeking Tamil/Telugu Brahmin groom, Doctor or Engr for Tamilnadu-based Telugu Brahmin bride, US Citizen, MBBS writing USMLE, doing Masters in Healthcare Management, May 1993 born, living in Michigan,; 248.990.0556
Seeking Brahmin groom for a Tamil Nadu-based Telugu Brahmin bride, July 88 born, Bharadwaja Gothram, Puram Star, 5'7" working as a S/w Engr in SF Bay Area/CA;, +91.81971.54958
Seeking Telugu/ Tamil Hindu Groom, < 30Yrs for Naidu Bride from Chennai currently working in South Carolina, 24Yrs, Aarudra star, Mithuna Rasi, 5'5"; 914.362.5579
Seeking Tamil/Telugu groom (caste no bar) for Reddy bride from Chennai currently pursuing PhD at UC Riverside/CA, MS from ASU, 27Yrs, Krithigai, Rishabam, Ganthara gothram, fair, 5'5"; +91.98400.43813,
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Service Apartment
Short/Long Term - Service Apartment available in Prime location Chennai. 4Bdr/4bath, 2200 sq.ft, A/C in all bedrooms, WiFi, Cable, Landline, fully furnished with maid service; Call # 805.371.0431
TN Real Estate
Independent house with ground, first and second floor with 2/3 ground, 1600+ sq. ft for sale in West Mambalam near Duraisamy Subway, T.Nagar, Chennai; Contact: 510.432.7094
Housing Plot for sale 2400 sqft (40ftx60ft) CMDA approved in Chendurpuram near Porur, Chennai. Also available is 1575 sqft. Plot in Ambattur, Chennai. No brokers.
3BHK Independent Senior Citizen Villa, 1585 Sq ft; Land 2000 Sq ft, SERENE KSHETRA, Kanchipuram; +91.94445.19210,
FOR SALE - Brand new single bedroom apartment with Ramaniyam Pushkar-II available for rent for active seniors at Sholinganallur, Chennai; Sampath: 415.529.8224
For sale 3 BHK ready-to-move-in apartment; 1st floor of 4-floor construction (1369sq.ft); Sholinganallur, Chennai. Also, housing plot (1860sq.ft) available near Mambakkam, No Brokers;
Two floor independent bungalow Ground Floor (1396 sqft), First Floor (1050 sqft), car port/AC/solar system with adjacent plot of 2400 sqft near Trichy airport; asking 270,000 dollars;
Housing plot available for immediate sale in Chettipunyam, near Chinglepet close to famous Hayagrivar temple. Also available 3 bedroom flat, 1450 Sq. ft for immediate sale at Zemin Pallavaram built by Magilam Apartments;, +91.97909.12570
For sale - In Chennai, 1200 Sq. Ft flat, opp to Koyembedu Bus Terminal, On the Main Road, 18 year-old, well-maintained, furnished, 1st floor, North facing, 2BHK, 2Bath;
Housing plot available for sale in Chettipunyam, near Chenglepet close to famous Hayagrivar temple; Also available 3 bedroom flat, 1450 Sq.ft. for sale at Zemin Pallavaram built by Magilam apartments;, +91.90039.31930
Sale - 3BHK (1814 & 1263 sqft), brand new, all amenities, Mandevelipakkam, cul-de-sac, walking distance to all Mylapore temples;, Srinivasan 972.840.3495
For Sale
2 Bedroom Villa in retirement community near MG Hospital on Pondy-Cuddalore Hwy, Senior care facility with common kitchen, housekeeping, medical care, standby ambulance with big hospital nearby, security, library, board games & more;
Senior Assistance
Senior couple in need of a lady helper for light house keeping work and light cooking; With salary, lodging and boarding can be offered; In Hayward/California; Contact: 510.330.8516
Senior Care
Senior Home Facility in Chennai. Rooms available for healthy seniors. Beautiful, safe, peaceful facility. Visit -, Contact: Indu Jayakumar @ 408.205.0864

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