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ramani ramagopa (India)

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Comments by ramani ramagopa (14)
Article: "எனக்கு இலக்கியம் தெரியாது" - அனுராதா ரமணன்
Category: நேர்காணல் (Apr 2004) Posted On: Nov 10, 2009
Interview with Mrs.AnurathaRamanan is very intersting.I like her writings.Now only i came to know that how she suffered and sacrificed her life from the beginning of her young age. Really you are great madam. Thanks to KTSri. Mrs.ramaniramagopal

Article: வெகுளி மாமா
Category: அமெரிக்க அனுபவம் (Jan 2006) Posted On: Nov 06, 2009
Innocent people always do good to others. I respect them becaz god is in the heart of innocent people. Mrs. Ramani Ramagopal

Article: பாம்பும் முனிவரும்
Category: இளந்தென்றல் (Nov 2009) Posted On: Nov 04, 2009
i like this simple and moral story. The moral is "we do not disturb others, at the same time if anybody disturbs us unnecessarily then we will react". Childrens are always ready to accept their elder's ideas and understand their views.

Article: நவம்பர் 2009: வாசகர் கடிதம்
Category: வாசகர் கடிதம் (Nov 2009) Posted On: Nov 04, 2009
I am Mrs.Ramaniramagopal writings this from India.I am reading Thendral Magazine from the last week of October which is very usefull Magazine and I like each and every page.The Magazine contains interesting,important and useful meassages. My favourite topic is"ANBULLA SNEKITHIYE".

Article: கரண்டியும், கவிதையும் போதும் கலக்க!
Category: அமெரிக்க அனுபவம் (Jun 2001) Posted On: Nov 03, 2009
really your selfconfident is super akila madam!

Article: அதிகபிரசங்கிதனம்
Category: அமெரிக்க அனுபவம் (Feb 2007) Posted On: Nov 02, 2009
i think Americans try to find solutions for their problems only by themselves. They feel very shy to ask help from others. But Indians consult elders or experienced persons to solve their problems. These two ways are very good. When we are in Rome be roman is the proverb.

Article: சாட்டஹூச்சியின் இன்னொரு முகம்
Category: அமெரிக்க அனுபவம் (Nov 2009) Posted On: Nov 02, 2009
our beautiful environment makes us to write these kind of nice imaginative script. Very good writing. When i read it i feel that i was there. I really feel happy. mrs. ramani ramagopal

Article: விடை தருகிறோம் கோஃபி அன்னா(ன்)
Category: சிறப்புப் பார்வை (Dec 2006) Posted On: Nov 02, 2009
Respected Mr.Siva sir, you induced me to learn more about Mr.Kofi Annan(the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations)thank you. Mrs.RamaniRamagopal.

Article: நிலாவுடன் நான்
Category: சிறுகதை (Jul 2009) Posted On: Nov 02, 2009
i like this story (the idea and good thought of surrendar is funtastic)nice writing. keep it up.

Article: எதிர்பார்ப்பு...
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Nov 2006) Posted On: Nov 01, 2009
I like her helping tendency. Nobody stop her. Becaz that is her own quality.

Article: சூரிய ஊறுகாய்
Category: மாயாபஜார் (Oct 2009) Posted On: Nov 01, 2009
sooriya orugai is the suitable name. (becaz inthe side of preparation sunpower is needed atleast for one week to dry the tomotas)

Article: மனசுக்குள் மத்தாப்பு
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Jan 2009) Posted On: Oct 31, 2009

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