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S.Radhakrishnan (India)

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Comments by S.Radhakrishnan (5)
Article: புண்படும்போது பண்படுகிறது!
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (May 2016) Posted On: May 02, 2016
Good Answer by Dr Chitra Vaidheeswaran. You are supporting many and nothing wrong to support this boy also. Of all the help/support, you will be proud of this ack [i.e.helping this boy] Though they could not help in time that day, some one else has helped you and you are comfortable. When an opportunity comes, don't miss it. Help him. Radhakrishnan

Article: மனம் சுருங்காமல் பார்த்துக்கொள்ள முடியும்
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Jun 2015) Posted On: Jun 11, 2015
Don't expect any favour to whom you have favoured. You can do wonders when you are alone. With a small investment, you go and stay in a Serene Retirement Home and start a new life.

Article: கூகிளுக்குப் போன கோவிந்து
Category: சிறுகதை (Mar 2014) Posted On: Mar 03, 2015
If the boy is working in a good Company, these 'Mothers' compromise important things and ready to give their Daughter to that guy. For daughter'a marriage, the girl's father do not have any word.The same guy is not preferable earlier, as His company is not known. This is a Good story and good message is given.

Article: ஒன்பது ஒற்றுமைகளைக் கண்டுபிடியுங்கள்
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Aug 2013) Posted On: Aug 29, 2013
A good match. When you started analysing others quality and habits, it reflects, how far you are interested on him. Only solution is ask him to laugh at you [without any reason] and in turn you laugh at him [again no need for any reason.] This exercise daily spare 5 minutes only and then go to your work as usual. The understanding is it should be done daily at a fixed time without fail and for atleast 15-20 days. After this, both will analyse the reasons why you laughed-- thinking to spend more time to share things more and more. The final result is you will regret of your past life and a good change will come either your side or his side or even both side.

Article: ரா.பி. சேதுப்பிள்ளை
Category: முன்னோடி (May 2013) Posted On: May 04, 2013
Sirs, Where I will get Sri Ra P Sethupillai books and will you give me the publishers name. Radhakrishnan I am at Chennai and my E Mail id:

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