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Comments by panchapakesan.B (4)
Article: மதுரை சோமு
Category: முன்னோடி (Aug 2013) Posted On: Aug 07, 2013
In continuation of my earlier comments, I would like to say something more. Mr. Somus's involvement in his profession is worth mentioning. In late 1970s, during decemeber after finishing his concert in Musuci Academy, he rendered a concert in Tirthani on the same day for a long time. On the next day, he went to AIR Tiruchy and recording was there for 2 hrs. On completing the recording, he came to Mayiladuthurai and performed for nearly 4 to 5 hours! I have never seen such a talented, devoted musician. B. Panchapakesan,Bangalore

Article: மதுரை சோமு
Category: முன்னோடி (Aug 2013) Posted On: Aug 05, 2013
I was close to Mr. Somu. In a concert arranged by me, he started singing by 07.30 pm and there was spell bound audience. At about 01.3o am he sent a note to me saying that he was hungry and want Vathal Kuzhambu, Jeeraga Rasam, Paruppu Thugaiyal and Appalam. I sent back the paper with my reply, that it would take atleast one hour to prepare the menu and requested him to sing for one more hour. Immediately, he started singing an apt song " Enna Kavi paadinalum unthan manam irangavilli". While rendering the same song he repeated the line "Atchara Laksham thantha antha Boja rajan illai. Ikkanaththil nee ninaiththal yenakkor kuraiyum Illai." The remuneration for that concert was very poor and he agreed only for my request. I understood and took my purse and showed it to him so as to mean that the remunation would be more. He sang for next one and half hours and satisfied all. I can write more, but restrict with this for the present. B. Panchapakesan, H 203, HM Tambourine Apts., Jaraganahalli, Bangalore-78. MOb. 09945390308.

Article: மதுரை சோமு
Category: முன்னோடி (Aug 2013) Posted On: Aug 05, 2013
I was close to Mr. Somu and arranged so many concerts. I would like to recall some interesting moments. In a concert arranged by me in Mayiladuthurai in 1973, he sang for more than 5 hours and yet there were lot of requests from the audience for more songs. In a piece of paper he sent a message to me. "I am hungry. I want hot "Vaththa Kuzhambhu, Jeeraga Rasam, Appalam, Paruppu Thugaiyal". I sent back that paper with a note that it would take atleast one hour to prepare the said menu and hence he should continue the concert. It was 1 am then. On seeing this, he immediately statarted singing " Enna Kavi paadinaalum unthan manam irangavilli". Remuneration for that concert was very meagre. Yet he agreed for my request. While rendering the said song he repeated the line "Atchara Laksham thantha antha Boja rajan Illai. Ikkanaththil nee ninaithal yenakkor Kuraiyum Illai". I understood what he ment and showed my purse indicating that he would be paid more. His presence of mind is something wonderful. I can write more, but restricting. B. Panchapakesan, H 203, HM Tambourine Apts., Bangalore.78. Ph. 080-26655422, Mob. 09945390308.

Article: சிவராத்திரி
Category: சமயம் (Feb 2010) Posted On: Feb 19, 2010
As the author of the article about Sivarathiri (Feb'10), I would like to give the following clarifications to the comment. The presiding deity of Tiruvarur Thiagarajaswamy Temple is Vanmeeganathar (Putridamkondar in Tamil). Though Vanmiganathar is the presiding deity, Thiagaraja is given importance here. Vanmeegam in sanskrit means putru in tamil. This Sthalam is called as Prithivi Kshethram along with Kanchipuram. Also called as Mooladhara Kshethram and there is one Ganapathi called Moolathara Ganapathi in this temple. In addition to Thiagarajaswamy and Vanmeeganathar, there is another deity called Chandrasekarar. Thiagaraja gives power to Chardrasekarar during festival times (in March-april) and a celebration or ritual called Chandrasekara Pattam is being observed. Except, Ratham (Aazhith ther), Chandrasekarar is taken in Vahanas in the four main streets, for veedhi valam for and on behalf of Thiagaraja. Tiruvarur was called as Kamalapuram, Sripuram, Vanmeegapuram etc. Further daily abhishegam is not there for Thiagaraja and abhishegam is performed for "VEEDHI VIDANGAR" a Maragatha Lingam (Emerald Lingam). B. Panchapakesan, (Camp) Bangalore.

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