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Comments by T V RAMAGOPAL (3)
Article: கோபத்தைத் தடுக்க....
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Oct 2009) Posted On: Nov 05, 2009
anger is not a trait it is only a state of a situation. Every one has at one time or other gets this situation called anger. But in my view get angry but do not act or react. Shout but without sound. Totally close your physical activities(like throwing something, beating etc) Others will certainly love your anger.

Article: தமிழ்க் கல்வி
Category: சிறப்புப் பார்வை (Sep 2006) Posted On: Nov 05, 2009
God bless the tamilians staying in abroad. Only those Tamilians are remembering the Language called TAMIL and learn the real tamil and keep the TAMIZHTHAI YOUNG. Here in Tamil Nadu the government has decided to teach English in govt schools also.

Article: மாஸ்டர் செந்தில் ஜோதி கண்ணன்
Category: நேர்காணல் (Nov 2009) Posted On: Nov 05, 2009
Congrats to Master Senthil Jothi Kannan. We Indians learned to appreciate only other foreigners talents and not the talents of our own country. We send our children to Karate School and not to Silambam School. We think that our martial arts are very much inferior to foreigners. Our government is also to blame for this sorry state of affairs. Government should advertise and conduct tournaments in Indian Martial arts in every district and promote by liberal and sizable financial assistance and awards. Then only these arts will be saved from misery.

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