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Manickam Krish (United States)

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Comments by Manickam Krish (4)
Article: அவர்களைச் சேர்த்துக் கொள்ளுங்கள், அவர்கள் உதவுவார்கள்
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Dec 2014) Posted On: Dec 24, 2014
First of, immediately inform boys parents about your mixed caste-religious marriage. As Dr. has mentioned since they have already adjusted to such relationships, I see no downside. On the upside you can let them guide you about what to do. Goodluck!

Article: தேவை: சமமான பகிர்தல்
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Dec 2013) Posted On: Dec 07, 2013
If he child is 3 yrs old, how come there was no interaction with inlaws in all this time? Has the wife's folks been to the family? If he has accommodated their visits, she has no beef. Though your suggestion is excellent solution to dodge hurting peoples feelings, two more points were ignored: the mother is probably old and don't know how long she may be alive; How to bring up the baby the women in this country make a big deal of[socalled intereference from grans] longterm mental well being of he child demands the participation of the older folks. THINK WELL before it is too late! I also wonder that 'LOVE' is over-rated!

Article: ரங்கதாசி
Category: சிறுகதை (Aug 2012) Posted On: Aug 19, 2012
I thought 'why no one writes short stories like old time folks' After a long time this is such surprise! Keep up the good work! May God bless you success in writing in tamil! This is an excellent story!

Article: சிவராத்திரி
Category: சமயம் (Feb 2010) Posted On: Feb 11, 2010
There is only one problem with this story! Though I was not lucky enough the moolasthanam, the name Thiagesar means the moolasthanam must be a termite mound [Purru]. As a matter of fact some people even think Thiruvaroor is the 'Earth' temple among the panjapoothasthalams! I wonder anyone knowledgeable to make comment on this aricle.

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