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ambujam narasa (United States)

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Comments by ambujam narasa (3)
Article: நிஜமான நினைவுகள்
Category: அமெரிக்க அனுபவம் (Dec 2015) Posted On: Dec 11, 2015
I cried after reading the article. Very true. Even if you are within, Mother and Father are the only bridge. After they are gone we feel very lonely. Ambujam Narasa

Article: ஸ்ரீ மாதா ட்ரஸ்ட் V. கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி, D. விஜயஸ்ரீ
Category: நேர்காணல் (Mar 2015) Posted On: Mar 14, 2015
Please upload bank details of Sri Matha Trust. It will help those who want to contribute to the noble cause. Thanks Ambujam Narasa

Article: பேராசிரியர் நினைவுகள்: ஒட்பமும் அறிவுடைமையும்
Category: ஹரிமொழி (Apr 2013) Posted On: Apr 24, 2013
Ayya, I am overwhelmed with your narration. Its so nice to read and encourages everyone to read Thirukkural. Are you in the process of writing 'Urai' for Thurukkural like Parimelazhagar or Manakkudavar or Namakkal Kavignar did? It will be very helpful for people like myself to understand deeply instead of doing 'Nunippul Meyvathu' Thank you once again. Pls continue your great work!

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